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Falcon Pursuit’s avatar technology was developed in the field of sports analysis. A place where the science has to be exact, the results accurate, and the avatars perfect. We put our avatars through complex sports simulations to help give world-class athletes the competitive edge they needed to do their very best. When our customers saw the efficiency and accuracy of our technology, their first question was, “What’s next?” With such arduous developing grounds, we were forced to push the boundaries of human modeling. Today, we want to use our technology to empower not only athletes, but the world. Our goal at Falcon Pursuit is to push the human-digital evolution to new heights of interaction, and to help interconnect the real and digital worlds.

Data Capture

Simple, Efficent, and consistent

Height and weight

Detailed Height and weight taken instantly 

Skeletal segments

The ability to monitor and customize hundreds of skeletal segments and joint location combinations

Foot Data

Generating a detailed left and right foot pressure map for use with our Additive Manufacturing Systems

Data including BMI, muscle composition, body fat, range of motion, and other key metrics

Body Analytics

in sub milimeter Increments

Cross sections

Over 250 surface contour cross sections

Force plate

Dynamic foot pressure mapping versus vertical forces

Mechanical and aerodynamic simulations

Virtual try on of helmets, footwear, apparel, pads, and other equipment

Skeleton Frame Overlay

Falcon Pursuits Motion Analytics Engine is able to take 2D video creating 3D interactive data for coaches and athletes. The MAE spatially slices time providing insights to skeletal data in 3D space in addition to direction and speed.

Falcon Pursuit

Key Takeaways:

journey through career

Collecting athletes to track a players growth from year one to placing them in the NFL


Your team will have the ability to make the game safer for your athletes, thus prolonging their careers.


This does not only help Football, but all school sports can take advantage, thus spreading the costs over several program budgets.


Data produces enhanced success at all levels of your program

Unparalleled Offers

You will recruit at a higher level. Simply showing how serious you take player development and safety can be that one extra factor that gets you to sign the best available. Not to mention sending your recruits home with visual representation of what the student can look like after spending four years in your program; this puts their likeness in your programs gear!

A few things we’re great at

Athlete – Avatar ™

Insertion of the athlete into the virtual world. Games, movies, sports analytics; any path into the metaverse

Aerodynamic, thermodynamic, hydrodynamic, and mechanical simulations

Utilizing the avatar for what-if scenarios to improve performance, optimize equipment, and design next the generation of advanced athletic equipment

Custom Solutions to Empower Companies to Sell Their Products

Break down the barriers to bring your customer into your virtual experience

The Worlds Largest and Most Diverse Avatar Database

Virtual humans for work or play

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