Falcon Pursuit Avatar Creation engine

Your bridge between the real and virtual worlds.

Falcon Pursuit’s Avatar Creation Engine is how we get you into the virtual world. Our autonomous software uses exact measurements to create entirely unique 3D avatars that are you, virtually. This platform liberates you to connect with the virtual world in ways that have never been done before.

In other words… all we need is you.

It’s not an avatar, it’s you.

At Falcon Pursuit, we recognize that everyone is unique. Your f.a.c.e.™ looks like you, moves like you, and experiences the world as you do. A Falcon Pursuit avatar isn’t just a blank-faced digital model; it’s you, virtually.

f.a.c.e.™ is your real interaction with the digital world.


We offer a turn-key solution.

Our Story

Falcon Pursuit’s avatar technology was developed in the field of sports analysis. A place where the science has to be exact, the results accurate, and the avatars perfect. We put our avatars through complex sports simulations to help give world-class athletes the competitive edge they needed to do their very best. When our customers saw the efficiency and accuracy of our technology, their first question was, “What’s next?”

With such arduous developing grounds, we were forced to push the boundaries of human modeling. Today, we want to use our technology to empower not only athletes, but the world. Our goal at Falcon Pursuit is to push the human-digital evolution to new heights of interaction, and to help interconnect the real and digital worlds.

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